Warning Signs of ADHD

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In Children

  • Easily distracted and trouble concentrating on activities and keeping organized
  • Trouble with self-control or impulsive behaviors
  • Low attention span while playing or doing schoolwork
  • Difficulty sitting still, i.e., constant fidgeting or squirming or restlessness
  • Constantly needing movement or frequently running around
  • Participating in activities noisily or boisterously
  • Excessive talking and disrupting other people

In Teenagers

  • Inability to keep focus on school homework or other tasks
  • Constantly making mistakes in performing his/her work
  • Difficulty completing tasks, especially schoolwork or difficult, unpleasant, or routine duties
  • Trouble with task organization and time management
  • Being absentminded, either losing or misplacing personal items
  • Habitually avoiding mentally challenging tasks
  • Experiencing prolonged and heightened emotional sensitivity and frustration
  • Difficulty managing family and social relationships
  • Increased conflict with immediate family as symptoms disrupts home life

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