About Cognitive Connections

At Cognitive Connections, students overcome reading and mathematics problems through metacognitive strategies, and social and behavioral problems through small group or one-on-one sessions. Our founders have been helping children with additional needs from Singapore and International schools for at least 15 years each.

How different is Cognitive Connections from traditional tuition?

In contrast to traditional forms of tutoring the emphasis in Cognitive Connections is on learning kinesthetically through manipulatives, drama, drawing, visually graphic worksheets, and symbol-imaging. These do not just cater to individual learning styles but generalize the learning to more lateral thinking. Constant verbal feedback is a characteristic of learning at Cognitive Connections. Developing and maintaining these neural pathways is the cornerstone of making a lasting success of any new learning.

Why choose Cognitive Connections?

  • What and how we teach is different from regular traditional tuition. We do not deliver lessons similar to schools because repeating them louder and slower will not help your children.
  • Our interventions are intensive and seldom if ever, offered in schools or other tutoring centers. Furthermore, we are constantly keeping up with research through short courses in the USA and UK.
  • We only accept students for whom we have the expertise – students who need to close the learning gap and catch up with their peers in class. However, we will refer you to the right specialist or point you in the right direction for help.
  • Improvements come in better grades, more confidence, positive outlook.
  • Build strong fundamentals for a lifelong love of reading and skillful spelling. We can help your child be a fluent reader, better speller, and writer.
  • Continuous progress brings further success in school. The improvement made in Cognitive Connections is long-lasting.
  • Independent homework time – more opportunity for quality parent-child time.
  • Our ultimate aim is to graduate students as quickly as possible. Word of mouth is our best testimonial.

Our Programs

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Educational Therapy for Dyslexia and Maths Difficulties

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