How does Cognitive Connections help children with Mathematics Difficulties?

One-to-one correspondence, magnitude of numbers

Developing numeracy is key

Cognitive Connections help students with maths disorders by building number sense and developing the pathways for working with mathematical concepts.

Teachers at Cognitive Connections use the following programs including some which are exclusively developed by the founder:

  • Maths Perspectives
  • Making Maths Real
  • Number Talks

All the above programs have the same foundational principles, and they are: 

Multi-sensory – Manipulatives are used to illustrate abstract concepts and children work with these mathematical concrete materials from the most elementary level ascending in steps to a more abstract and symbolic understanding.

Explicit – At every stage, the lessons of the previous step are reiterated and reinforced through a presentation of only one aspect of a concept at a time. The objective of the lesson is clear in the student’s mind.

Independence – Our goal is to have students think through their problems based on sound mathematical concepts. Unlike traditional tutoring, students do not memorize sequences to solve problems. They are expected to explain why they have chosen a strategy.

Concrete to Abstract – because mathematics is a symbolic and abstract subject, all the above programs strive for deep understanding through manipulatives or clear graphic visuals before any worksheets are given out.

Our Programs

Primary 1
Preparatory Class

Educational Therapy for Dyslexia and Maths Difficulties

Fill The Gaps
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