Educational Therapy for Dyslexia
and Maths Difficulties

Educational Therapy for Dyslexia and Maths Difficulties


Reading is considered a necessary life skill at Cognitive Connections, therefore, overcoming Dyslexia is only one step in a wider plan to make reading pleasurable and a lifelong habit. Students at Cognitive Connections read at any level they choose because reading should be enjoyed first before it is to gain knowledge and learning.

Barton Reading and Spelling System – an Orton-Gillingham influenced multi-sensory & intensive intervention for struggling readers.

We also use other series of engaging, age-appropriate storybooks to support our intervention programs. Choices are made at our discretion and experience of success and students choose books guided by our therapists based on the level and interests of the particular student.


Montessori Math – Hands-on learning that deepens understanding through using manipulatives and teacher-guided activities.

Our teachers constantly make assessments through observing students’ work with material and games.

The Montessori math curriculum allows teachers to create individualized interventions through games and hands-on work.

Making Math Real – A UC Berkeley Extension Program that helps children with Mathematics difficulties through visual graphics hands-on work, strategies to decrease memory load, and understanding of mathematical concepts.

Number Talks – creating number sense from pre-K to High school. This program’s activities help students share their strategies and verbalize their thinking processes. It was also highly recommended by a Stanford Math professor in relation to helping students enjoy mathematics, seeing patterns, and developing numeracy at higher levels.

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Educational Therapy for Dyslexia and Maths Difficulties

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