Warning Signs of Mathematics
Disorder or Dyscalculia

Recording of Cubed Numbers - Looking For Patterns In Numbers

In Preschool and Kindergarten stages

  • Difficulty counting objects one by one.
  • Mixes up numbers when counting in sequence.
  • Constantly counting from ONE only.
  • Has difficulty connecting written numerals to the number of objects.
  • Has difficulty following a pattern.

In Primary School

  • Trouble recalling maths facts.
  • Doesn’t know which operation to apply in story sums.
  • Calculating in columns is confusing.

In Secondary School

  • Math remains an academic subject.
  • Dislikes using measuring spoons and cups.
  • Has directional problems.
  • Hates reading charts and graphs.
  • Not flexible in problem-solving.
  • Does not enjoy activities that require estimation.
  • Great difficulty with algebra.

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