Warning Signs of Dyslexia

Warning Signs of Dyslexia | Cognitive Connections

If you notice your child is experiencing difficulties in reading, spelling or writing and where three or more of the following symptoms are present as well, it is highly likely that their difficulties are due to dyslexia.


  • Delayed speech in early childhood
  • Mixing up syllables in a word
  • Chronic ear infections in infancy
  • Confusion of left versus right
  • Trouble memorizing phone numbers, alphabets

In Primary School

  • Slow handwriting that is difficult to read
  • Letters and/or number reversals after Primary 1
  • Slow, choppy, inaccurate reading
  • Guessing based on shape or context
  • Skips or misreads words and last sounds of longer words
  • Cannot sound out unknown words
  • Terrible spelling
  • Misspells homonyms (their, there, they’re)
  • Difficulty telling time from clock hands
  • Messy bedroom, school bag, and desk
  • Refuses to go to school
  • Complains of stomach aches or headaches
  • May have nightmares about school

In Secondary School

All of the above symptoms plus –

  • Difficulty getting ideas onto paper
  • Messy files and disorganized

Do these comments sound familiar?

“I don’t know what’s wrong with ______? He pays attention in class, finishes his homework, but he’s not doing well in his tests.”

“_________ takes a long time to do his homework every evening and he gets all cranky about it.”

“_________ speaks well, is active and gets on with her classmates, but just cannot read?! I don’t understand it.”

“_________ can read but her spelling is atrocious!”

“My daughter is in Primary 1 and had learned Phonics in her kindergarten but her teacher tells me she cannot read. How can this be ?”

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